Seree Factory Land Co., Ltd. Has been established from the Serm-Dee Co., Ltd., which originally carried out the construction businesses such as, commercial buildings, and Readymade Factory in both Bangkok and its perimeter provinces. After that, in the year 2000, it launched the Project of the Readymade Factory for rent which was begun in Soi Samaedam 21, Kwaeng Samaedam, Khate Bangkhoontien, Bangkok, on the area over 25,600 m2, which composing of 46 units of Readymade Factories for rent.

In the year 2005, the Serm-Dee Factory and Warehouse Co., Ltd., was established by launching the Project of Readymade Factory for rent in the area of Tumbon Pantai-Norasing, Samut Sakhon Province on the area over 35,200 m2, in 63 units in order to support the expansion of rental immovable property business. The company was very well continually received the reliability from the owners of several businesses, in various circles.

From the accumulated experiences of over 10 years in the field of immovable property business together with the best taking care, which is a heart of service from us to our both domestic and international customers. This enhances us into better understanding for the true requirement from business owners.

In year 2007, the Seri Factor Land Co., Ltd., then was established by launching the project of Home Factory, or factory and new residential areas in order to meet the requirement in possessing of the factory for sale, and the expansion of industrial marketing business.

Seree Factory Land is located in Tumbon Pantai-Norasing, Samut Sakhon Province, which is nearby the Project Serm-Dee Factory and Warehouse on the purple area of over 158,400 m2 which is the first purple area point from the Rama II Road. Moreover, this area is the first one which is nearest to Bangkok, and can be registered for the factory immediately.

The project area provides very flexibility regarding the transportation of products into main southern route, Bangkok, and its perimeter area. The construction of factory has considered the usefulness, strength, and durability from the team of engineers who are expertise in immovable property business. Moreover, the environmental preservation is also crucially considered in order to be an industrial city in the future.

Company’s Concept

The world’s situation regarding the petroleum is proceeding severely, and in a rapid manner. This can be considered as a prime factor influencing on the entrepreneur like us. Therefore, the investments in any business whether big or small, shall seriously take into consideration for the ambiguous cost such as petroleum’s, and also be farsighted on the petroleum situation in the future.

In addition, the business growth in Thailand can be illustrated in more obvious figure with irrespective of the cumulative capital for investment from the international business men, the growth of SMEs business, and the medium-size businesses, including the fact that the government sectors have released the policies to support the development of country’s economic, and continually accelerate the expansion of export.

Seree Factory Land has aimed on the exact requirements of the owners of any businesses, and the situations on the country’s economic. Therefore, the company initiated the project by Seree Factory Land in order to be an alternative for any investor who is smart to be the owner of Readymade Factory with land in the format of Home Factory, that can be completely of factory, office, residence those are suitable for the present economic situation.

In the Readymade Factory in the project by Seree Factory Land, there are 2 types of the following: 1. 198 square wah Single Factory and 233.80 square wah Single Factory. which is appropriate for the SMEs business, medium-size business, branch office, factory, new business owner, or international business men who want to invest in Thailand. The factories are located in the area of industrial business, in the industril area on purple which permit factory license For the customers who want different format or sizes of the factories, they can also immediately become the owners, by our expert team of engineers.

Readymade Factory: Home Factory shall assist the business owners in regard of the reductions of investment cost, and unnecessary expenses. Moreover, they shall also reduce the usage time on searching for the factory’s location land, commuting time from home to working place which consequently reduce the transportation fees, because it is nearby Rama II Road, West & East Outer Ring Roads, in which they shall need only 15 minutes for entering the Dow-Kanong Expressway.

The factory and residential area was designed in the style of Modern Design that also arranged the area to be the most useful, and effective, combining with the strength and durability of the structures by using the materials with best quality. Moreover, there are also 2-3 floor office building that was designed elaborately, promptly with all public utilities such as electricity, water supply, telephone, car parking lot, Public Park, and the reinforced concrete road of 16 m width in order to support the heavy truck, without the concerns on the flood and settlement problems.

In addition to the experts on the construction of factory for sale which always is in accordance with the standard, we also seriously pay attention to all customers in regard of process tracing, and provide all conveniences to make sure that our customers shall receive the entire best things from us, as you customers have kindly given kind trustworthiness to us.

Seree Factory Land project Factory or minifactory best alternative for the business men in this era of high petroleum cost, and shall enhance your precious businesses to have very good progress, and continually proceed in the best successfulness.

Primary objectives

  • 1Develop the quality and format of the Readymade Factory to meet the most usefulness.
  • 2Develop the environment and make the value added to the environment and the community that invest.
  • 3Develop the industrial community to support the economic growth.
  • 4Step up to be a leader in the construction and management for the Readymade Factory.