Singer Factory Type

198 Square wah Single factory land : W x L ( 18 x 44 M )
offce factory : W x L (12 x 32 M )
  • The office covers the service area of 256 m2, which is separated into 3 stories, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms.
  • Office floor is tiled with the Magma Tile size 0.60 x 0.60 m, which is similar to the floor of Siam Paragon.
  • White-bake Aluminum window frame, with green glass
  • NHAM and COTTO sanitary wares
  • The whole building are using all ceilings in every story
  • Lighting in reflect type, and down-light in the whole building
  • Genuine Stainless of fence door, 12 m width (equal to the building)
  • High strength and durability structures because we have chosen the foundation steel which is in accordance with the industrial standard, both SD40 deformed rebar produced by big furnace factory BISW, standardized BISW, and the structural steel that produced from other factories where are reliable in high-standard and quality.
  • I26 Driven pile, 21 m length (2 piles connected).
  • Factory’s slab is made by VCON concrete slab which can bear 3 ton/m3 of safe load.
  • The entrance door is rolled steel sheet, open-close automatically, 4 m width with 4.50 m height, which is suitable and convenient for the products-transportation trucks.
  • Factory roof is the metal sheet type equipped with the spindle, light slit, and steel jalocusie using as the insulators around the factory. This shall ventilate for the heat in the factory that reduce the energy consumption.
  • Only 15 minutes of traveling from the Dow Kanong-Samut Sakhon Expressway, and 10 minute to either West or South Outer Ring Road.
  • The truck can travel conveniently via Bangkok’s bypass route using the Outer Ring Road to the Industrial Ring Road toward the direction of Poojow-Saminkprai (east).
  • Standard electric appliance meter of 30/100 ampere, 3 phases.
  • Water supply meter, 6/8 inch diameter, water pump with reserve tank of 3,000 liter.
  • 16 meter width Road in the project, that leaned by thick concrete in order to support heavy truck.
  • No problem for flooding because the Factory’s slab is higher than the project’s road for 0.50 m, and higher than public road for 1.70 m.
  • Shady public park of which the area over 6000 m2.
  • Reliable 24 hours security system around the project.